O'Leary Associates, P.A.

Criminal Defense & Civil attorneys
Frances “Cricket” Katsos
Cricket has served as Office Manager and Paralegal with O’Leary Associates for near twenty-four years.  In this capacity, she oversees the day to day operations of our firm and works with clients and their families to ensure smooth representation throughout the process.  She also assists with the preparation and filing of Court documents and handles all financial matters.  She began her career in the legal field working for now Circuit Judge James Barber (Todd & Barber) then his campaign for Lt. Governor in 1986.  Following Barber’s campaign she managed computer operations at the Fritz Hollings Senate Campaign and Dr. Dale Frankfurth's dental office, followed by managing the office of Dunhill of St. Andrews (Now ASAP Search & Recruiters) before landing at O'Leary Associates in 1991.

Jeanette Bettles
Jeanette has a lengthy background in law enforcement and, since 2012, has served as John O’Leary’s Paralegal for state agency employment grievances including all grievances for the SC Troopers Association, appeals to the State Budget & Control Board, civil litigation, as well as Criminal and Administrative Law Court appeals. A graduate of Keele University, England and USC’s paralegal program, she keeps clients informed of the legal process at every stage, ensuring they have someone to turn to during what is often a confusing and stressful time.