Criminal Defense & Civil attorneys

O'Leary Associates, P.A.

Located in the historic Arsenal Hill section of downtown Columbia, O'Leary Associates, P.A. is a small firm, with a big personality.  While the primary focus of our firm is criminal defense, we also handle civil litigation and employment matters.  Our firm is active throughout South Carolina in both state and federal matters, as well as an active appellate practice.

Within our Plaintiff’s litigation practice, we handle personal injury, product liability and wrongful death. 
The legal process can be lengthy and frustrating.  We believe in maintaining close contact with clients and strive to keep them informed every step of their case, serving as both counselor and advocate. 
Our staff has extensive experience in the areas of criminal justice and public safety.  This allows us a unique perspective in developing a case strategy.
We offer a free consultation so that we can meet with you, review your case and determine if we can assist you with your case. 
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